Thursday, February 23, 2012

Special Education and Me

This morning while I was driving to school, I decided to start a blog based on my experiences in the classroom setting so that I could share with others what is and isn't working for me! With my recent obsession with the Web site Pinterest, I have become hooked up to several teaching blogs that have already helped me to improve my practice as an educator. I hope that this blog can do the same for you if you are a teacher. If you aren't a teacher and you have come across my blog, I hope that you get a chance to see education, and specifically special education, in a new light. For everyone that gets a chance to read my posts, I hope that some of them make you laugh, some of them make you think, and others help you to learn.

I decided to call this blog "SpEd Head" (SpEd is short for "special education") because I feel that my brain was designed think specifically like a special education teacher. I am always looking for ways to meet specific needs of specific students. 

Enjoy the posts. Thanks for stopping by here!

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