Friday, October 5, 2012

Refusal Slip

Sometimes no matter what you say, do, or offer, a student will not complete an assignment. Then, the student will go home to proceed and tell their parents/guardians that the assignment was too hard, the teacher wouldn't explain what to do, or there weren't enough supplies to complete the work. This document eliminates those complaints from parents if and when you get the call.

I attach this document to work that students refuse to complete and read it aloud to them, especially if they refuse (again) to sign it. Documents like this are critical in special education because they help us to prove our case and side of the story.

Behavior Rubric

Sometimes as teachers/parents we need specific skills to look for as they fall onto a continuum. This rubric helps you to do just that. This is yet another method I have for collecting data and another piece I use to guide classroom observations. Rubrics help to target specified behaviors and can be shared with students to indicate where they are in terms of their skills and where they should be in terms of skills. This rubric is a favorite of mine because it is a teaching tool and a data collection method.

Employability Skills Checklist

This is another checklist I use that is based off the Iowa Core's Employability Skills. It is another observation form I use for IEP data.

Behavior Checklist #1 and #2

These are a behavior checklists I use for student observations. Checklists help to target specific behaviors that students need to develop or improve. They also can be converted to numerical data for IEPs.

Use these checklists or use them as a model for your classroom/homeschool to assure students have these skills.

Apology Note Checklist

This is a sheet that I use with students who need to process their behaviors. It also serves as documentation for a student's perception so we can begin to understand their locus of control. In a pinch, it can also serve as a physical apology note to hand to the person who needs the apology. I modified it from the Knock Knock version to be more school appropriate.

If you would like to purchase a more lighthearted version, check out this Web site:

I hope you find it valuable to use with your own children or your school children.

Too Long

It has been seven months since I have lasted posted to SpEd Head! I hope to have some new documentation sheets up for you all this week! Enjoy!