Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Classroom Visits

This is my first year teaching as an exclusive BD teacher. In my previous positions, I work with students who may have had both academic and behavior goals on their IEPs. Now, I share my students with academic special education teachers. It is a pretty nifty system most of the time. But, sometimes working exclusively with BD kiddos, I get stuck in a rut and visiting other classrooms can be a way to dig myself out!

My principal and superintendent granted me the privilege to visit two BD classrooms in neighboring school districts today. It was both comforting and enlightening. The teachers that I spoke with shared many of the same concerns about their students as I have. Students refusing to use or carry behavior tracking charts, other teachers not taking the behavior charts seriously, and finding time to teach the necessary social skills when there is so much pressure to use special education time for work completion.

However, I also did gain some valuable ideas about teaching methods and curriculums to use back in my classroom. One teacher chose to use some behavior specific programs. The other two teachers chose to use a variety of materials, including games, to help students learn social skills. I think that each teacher needs to find what works best for his/herself and his/her students.

If you are given a chance to spend a day visiting classrooms, especially at other schools, be sure to jump at it! It just might be the refresher you need!

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