Monday, November 4, 2013

OLA Board

This document is something I use to explain the layout of my classroom's whiteboard. Each day, I write out each class period's OLA! When I want the students to know what is going on or why I am asking them to do something I direct them to the OLA Board. This is a reference sheet for them so they know what O, L, and A represent. Get your copy here!

Observation Log

Many things happen in our classrooms daily that we don't want to forget. Sometimes it is something funny. Sometimes it is something sad. Sometimes it is even something critical to record. That's where this form comes in!

I have a binder I call my "Observations Binder." This binder has a tab for each of my students and behind each students tab is this sheet. I don't use it daily, just when I feel there is something I need to remember about that student on a particular day.  I can use this information later for report card comments, IEP planning, or phone calls home. It also makes it easier to notice patterns.

I hope it is helpful to you! Click here for your copy!

Communication Log

We all need a way to keep track of the number of times and methods we use to contact parents, especially in the world of special education! This is a log I use to document such and to use as proof when meeting deadlines for IEPs. I hope you can make use of it! Click here for your copy!